The Importance of Purpose – Part 2

Louise Nealon


March 10, 2021

So your business has a purpose that partly fuels why it exists. A recognisable value, that drives your company as well as the need to generate profit from your services. This could be personal, ethical, charitable, community-led or all the above!

The next step is how you immerse your staff into this purpose and then communicate it to your target audience.

Accenture Strategy’s global survey of nearly 30,000 consumers found that 62%of customers want companies to show their stance on wide-spread issues including sustainability, transparency or fair employment practices. The closer your company’s purpose align with your customer’s own beliefs, the better!

Part two of the importance of purpose will discuss how to instill your purpose in your internal and external communications strategy.

Click here to read part one if you haven’t already!

Be sure to reach out if you have any questions. Together we can create a strategy that is a true example of PR with purpose.

How To Express Your Purpose

Keeping an eye on your competitors will help you to understand what your business could be doing differently. Can you see how similar businesses to yours, or even brands that you align with, are expressing their purpose?

This could be one over-arching purpose that runs through your entire business strategy, for example H&M’s garment recycling initiative or David Jones’s Social Responsibility & Sustainability mission.

Or it could be separate campaigns that aim to align your values with your target audience, such as your business authentically conveying why they are proud to support Mardi Gras.

As part of your PR strategy, formulate and plan how you will communicate your brand’s purpose. If you are a locally-minded business are there key events that you could use to schedule in moments to actively convey your purpose and why you do what you do?

Arm Your Workforce

You’ve built the story of what your business’s purpose is and how you hope to communicate this. A crucial element to successfully execute your strategy is staff activation.

How will you immerse your staff in your brand’s purpose and upcoming campaigns? Is there an engaging document that you can share and present? Do you send out regular internal communications to help your staff understand why and how your business is supporting an initiative or collaborating with a charity?

Looking at future recruitment, how can you communicate your business’s purpose as part of attracting the right talent to not only fulfil a role but also align with why you do what you do?

With staff dedicated to your business’s purpose now’s the chance to encourage them to champion your vision. People respond to people rather than brands, so utilising them to spread the message will increase authenticity and credibility – adding another layer to your communications strategy.

Spread The Word

You’ve got your reason, your plan and your staff’s backing. It’s time to go forth and share your message with the world!

How will you launch your purpose? I can create a strategy for your business that will generate media attention but have you thought about creating assets to support this?

Creatively showing your purpose will attract attention from your target audience and start to grow awareness of why you do what you do.

Let’s get your purpose-led PR strategy going!

By reading part one and two of ‘The Importance of Purpose’ I hope that you’ll now have the foundations to understand why and how your business can benefit from being purpose-led.

I am here to help, with purpose rooted in the PR strategies that I deliver. I am proud to champion the change makers and level the playing field for those who feel overshadowed and disadvantaged.

Reach out today and let’s discuss how I can help you and your business!

Louise Nealon

About Louise Nealon

Award-winning Communications Director, Louise Nealon, helps purpose-led organisations and minority groups that support humanity, to be visible and heard – in order to create positive change in the world.

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