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Every service is tailored to suit your cause, your ideal outcomes and your audience – so we can get your message out there with impact, integrity and purpose, to create real results, that work.

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Legislative, regulatory and behavioural change only happens when the collective power of people is harnessed in the same direction, at the right time, under a clear driving set of objectives.

Identifying the right support and reaching out in the right manner has a massive effect on your outcomes. It’s important not to waste your valuable time and finite resources on messaging or targets that won’t deliver you results.

To reach the right policymakers, legislators, financial backers and powerful supporters, advocacy campaigns must be very clear, comprehensive and collaborative.

Let’s reach the right people for your campaign.

Media Training

Only very experienced spokespeople relish the thought of a media interview, and while some of them get nervous too, they just know how to hide it better.

Media interviews don’t need to be hostile situations. With the right media training, spokespeople can bring a positive approach to the experience, ensuring they communicate their messages while also delivering valuable content for the audience.

A set process for dealing with media enquiries from friendly to confrontational is essential for any public-facing organisation or campaign.

Let’s get you media-ready.

“I have worked with Lou now for seven years, of which has spanned over three different organisations. I have taken her with me because what she offers and how she runs the discipline of PR is second to none. Through her PR support I have smashed my targets every time. From raising media profiles to gaining respect with journalists to creating newsworthy content. Louise really makes it all look easy”.

Roni Millard

- Tribe Marketing Consultancy

Brand Strategy

Every organisation or campaign has many competitors clamouring for share of mind or wallet, it’s hard to cut through the noise and stand alone.

Brand strategy can help you clarify your brand voice, identify and understand your stakeholders and build a compelling communications strategy to reach them loudly and clearly.

Developed with your marketing and social media strategy in mind, your cause or organisation can be a real communications ‘triple threat’!

Let’s create your campaign strategy to cut through the noise.

Media Relations

Are you or your organisation considered an ‘essential’ reference to any media story created on your sector or issue? Is the story incomplete without your input?

The key to becoming part of the ‘consideration set’ for any story is to first develop strong and mutually beneficial relationships with key media influencers, providing only added value to the public discourse on the subject of your expertise or issue, and proactively delivering valuable resources to relevant media targets.

This can take anywhere from 6 – 12 months to build up, but the foundation will last forever.

Let’s get your story straight.

“Louise has coordinated and driven the messaging around our National Road Safety Week “Drive So Others Survive” initiative across state and territory jurisdictions and undertaken engagement with traffic management organisations, motoring organisations and media. We are proud of our relationship with Louise – she has been an invaluable resource for us over the years and we look forward to continuing our work together”.

Peter Frazer

- President, Safer Australian Roads + Highways

Corporate Writing

With all of our owned digital and social media channels, we are now self-publishers whether for our personal brands, our causes or organisations. While this is a great platform, these channels demand a huge amount of content that must at once be interesting, informative, valuable and entertaining.

It shouldn’t be too long, use too many (or any) acronyms or waste the reader’s time. And it can’t be a hard sell on your organisation, even though you need to communicate your messages.

How can you stand out without being controversial? Or indeed how can you be controversial to stand out?

I can help you take your values and objectives and craft them into suitable texts for all stakeholders across any format.

Let’s have your cause standing out on social media.

Crisis Management

The worst thing in a crisis – more than the event itself – is to be surprised, and without a strong responsive process. Often, the fallout from a bad response can be worse than the issue itself, particularly in the era of social media where public feedback is immediate and unforgiving.

This is where the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ is always true. Preparing crisis management plans with clearly defined messages, a strong timeline and process, and nominating a crisis team, will set you in good stead to respond to any issue calmly and strategically.

A swift response that is authentic, timely and focuses on the right things can engage brand ambassadors and stakeholder champions, as swiftly as a bad response will turn them off.

Let’s ensure your crisis game plan is strong.

“With such a diverse set of stakeholders, from customers with complex disabilities, to government-funded bodies, corporate partners and employees, communicating with our audiences require specialist expertise. Louise brings a strategic mindset and creative thinking that delivers high impact, high engagement communications. She is highly skilled at navigating sensitive topics and her sound judgement ensures risks are effectively managed”.

Ryan Watson

- Founder of DoGood Group

Social Media Strategy

Social media has opened up easy, low-cost access to huge audiences and is a compelling channel to attract and retain stakeholders.

However, it’s very easy to get it wrong, as some of the world’s largest brands with big social media teams have shown us.

Savvy audiences want authentic, value-aligned, informative, responsive and entertaining content, delivered speedily in the way that best suits them, when it suits them.

Tall order? Not when you apply smart strategy and understand what your audience wants and your whole social team is on the same page.

Great engagement with social audiences can turn the indifferent into your best champions.

Let’s create an audience of raving ambassadors on social media.

Reputation Management

The most important asset a company has is its reputation. While it can take years to establish, one poorly worded memo, or misaligned tweet, can bring it crashing down.

A reputation needs to be proactively managed across all of your stakeholders with a clear set of messages to be communicated from every level of your organisation.

A company with a clear brand positioning, a strategic communications plan, best practice processes for issuing and receiving information and compelling messages, will always be ahead of the market and ready for any issue that may arise.

Let’s get you ahead of the market.

“We have greater confidence now in how we are viewed by our market, our staff and organisations associated with the industry we work in. We have become greater influencers in terms of shaping our markets and leading policy efforts to improve road worker safety. Louise is easy to work with, highly efficient, responsive and pro-active in her advice – she is a natural alignment to the causes we are seeking to have an impact on”.

James Pennings

- Executive General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Atlus Traffic Australia.