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My talks are suited to groups or organisations from any sector, including not-for-profits, minority groups and grassroots campaigners; to explore new ideas and opportunities to communicate with stakeholders and walk away with clear, effective actions to implement immediately.

I speak at events across Australia and internationally. A talk topic below may be exactly what you need, or I can tailor a talk to suit your ideal outcomes.

Let’s explore how we can team up to up-skill your team, inspire your audience and create real, positive change.

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"When I wrote my book on global PR, I turned to Louise to explain best practices in Australia. She was one of the most helpful senior practitioners who I interviewed, so I also asked her to speak on my panel on global communication at the World Communication Forum in Davos.

Louise is a seasoned expert who clearly excels at developing creative, strategic, relevant campaigns that are poised to have powerful local impact."

Kara Alaimo

- Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Hofstra University, and author of Pitch, Tweet, or Engage on the Street: How to Practice Global Public Relations and Strategic Communication and World Communications Forum Council member.

speaking topics

Finding your voice

Designed to help organisations and campaigns find their brand voice, identify their niche and reach their communities most effectively. This talk focuses on the most important communications strategies to achieve success.  

Particularly effective for not-for-profits, minority groups and grassroots campaigners, attendees will walk away with clear, effective actions to implement.

Leveraging the Power of PR

For smaller organisations and those who don’t have a PR plan in place, this talk sets out the key fundamental elements of a successful plan and how to stand out positively in a very crowded marketplace.  

Relevant for groups or organisations from any sector, this talk will enable you to get into action with confidence.

Going Global

For Not for Profit audiences, this is a look at a range of grassroots campaigns around the world, exploring what works and what doesn’t and why.

Beneficial for audiences to explore new ideas and opportunities to communicate with their stakeholders.

Why are we still fighting for equality?

Brief historical overview of the fight for equal rights across many minority groups.  

A look at where equality has still not being achieved and suggestions for how grassroots campaigns can continue the momentum.

“We invited Louise Nealon to share her knowledge and expertise in PR as part of our guest speaker series in our Masters program. Louise’s presentation demystified PR and branding in an authentic and simple way that students could understand. The visuals on her slides were outstanding. Louise had great advice and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs in the class”.

Tan (PhD)

- Program Manager | Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship) School of Fashion & Textiles | College of Design & Social Context RMIT University | Melbourne, Australia.