The Importance of Purpose - Part 1

Louise Nealon


February 5, 2021

Competition is tough and it doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest business in your industry or the smallest – your audience will mostly choose a business that leads with purpose over anything else. Studies show 91% will in fact! (source: Forbes)

In part one of the importance of purpose, we will discuss why and how you clarify your purpose. I will then share how to instil this purpose in your internal and external communications in part two.

Through these insights, we can then set out a communications strategy that is a true example of PR with purpose.

Be sure to reach out if you have any questions.

What Is Purpose?

Before we delve into how you uncover or recover your purpose, we need to look at what it means.

Purpose can refer to different layers:

Your individual purpose
Your team’s purpose
Your organisation’s purpose

It is your values, unique proposition and the driving force of why you do what you do.

COVID-19 may have thrust ‘purpose’ even more into the spotlight as benefits or rewards that may have previously enticed employees to work your company or consumers to buy from you, are no longer possible.  

Instead we now ask, how does your business give back?

Why Do We Exist Beyond Profit?

Recognisable campaigns that demonstrate our individual or business’s purpose may not always be profitable. BUT, the actions they command your audience to take will increase your brand awareness, trust, and loyalty.

What are you passionate about? What are your values? How can you then take the answers to these two questions to add value to your business’s purpose?

For example, if you’re a retail brand – how are you commenting on single use fashion? If you’re a public service, how are you connecting with your community and potentially collaborating with local charities?

Uncover Or Recover Your Purpose

This moves us swiftly onto our final point. Before you look at embedding purpose into your organisation and using your communications to share this message internally and externally you may need to uncover or recover your purpose.

Below are a few steps to start you down this road:

1. What are your values? They may sit in your business strategy untouched and forgotten. They may need to be re-established.

2. What do you want to be known for? Focus on the strengths of your business and how you can use this to add value to why you do what you do and demonstrate to your audience how you’re giving back.

3. How does this then contribute to your story? By allowing the above to emerge you can then direct the narrative of your business strategy to ensure you are ALWAYS leading with purpose.

To recap your audience is looking beyond your services, what you do and why they may want to be a part of your business. We are overwhelmed by the number of discounts, offers and inflated statistics showcasing why your company may be ‘the best’. It’s time to remind yourself of why you exist and highlight to your audience the positive change and authentic message that your business will lead if they choose you.

I am here to help with purpose rooted in the PR strategies that I aim to deliver. I am proud to champion the change makers and level the playing field for those who feel overshadowed and disadvantaged.


Reach out today and let’s discuss how I can help you and your business!

Louise Nealon

About Louise Nealon

Award-winning Communications Director, Louise Nealon, helps purpose-led organisations and minority groups that support humanity, to be visible and heard – in order to create positive change in the world.

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