Weekly News Headlines: Edition Six

Louise Nealon


May 17, 2021

In case you missed it, each week I will be taking you through some key headlines highlighting women in media from key publications. Here's your wrap up for 10 - 16 May 2021:

1. Australia must step up for women globally as COVID crisis continues

As reported by Women's Agenda

"It is disappointing to see Australia is sitting on the sidelines while other wealthy governments are stepping up."

The pandemic is disproportionally impacting women and continuing to escalate in many countries, including India. ActionAid has issued a plea to Australia following the 2021 Federal Budget, which saw a declining aid budget.

“Women, girls and the most marginalised are being hardest hit by COVID-19. ActionAid is seeing a further surge in vulnerability in India as movement restrictions, cramped living conditions, job losses and increased violence are putting women and girls at risk, alongside the threat of infection.”

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2. "She used to sleep with a crowbar under her bed." Mitch Tambo's mum showed him what strength is.

As reported by Mamamia

Mamamia, as part of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, is sharing women's stories of bravery and courage throughout May.

Last week saw Aussie, singer-songwriter, Mitch Tambo share his mother's story:

"My mum was instrumental in shaping the man I am today. A proud Aboriginal woman, she showed me that there was - and is - so much more to women than what was generally being portrayed on TV and film screens without saying it."

"My mum was my hero. She used to sleep with a crowbar under her bed because there were threatening male neighbours all around us, constantly drunk and in trouble with the law. We didn’t feel safe in our own community and she wanted to protect me at all costs."

It has been found that Aboriginal women can be 35-80 times more likely to be hospitalised as a result of domestic violence, compared to any other women from any other culture on the planet. We must keep this issue in the spotlight and change the narrative where possible.

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3. Women's safety, health issues get federal budget funding boost, but some say it's not enough

As reported by ABC News

Last week, Libby Lyons, the ex-head of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency referred to the government's 2021/22 spend on women's health and safety as "band aid measures". Many are arguing that yes there's being $3billion allocated towards women BUT many were hoping that this year's budget would be "gender-responsive" or one that had a "gender lens" applied to it.

Helen Dally Fisher from the Equality Rights Alliance pointed out 50 per cent of OECD countries already have, or are adopting, gender-responsive budgeting.

"When the budget is prepared policy makers think about people, but thanks to 2,000 years of patriarchy when we think about people we're actually thinking about the lives of men," she said.

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Tune in again next week for more headlines!

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