Weekly News Headlines: Edition Nine

Louise Nealon


June 7, 2021

In case you missed it, each week I will be taking you through some key headlines highlighting women in media from key publications. Here's your wrap up for 31 May - 6 June 2021:

1. Disaster patriarchy: how the pandemic has unleashed a war on women

As reported by The Guardian

Since the global pandemic began there has been an explosion of violence, torment and abuse towards women. Lockdowns worldwide have led to women being forced to be at home with their abusers with no respite. The closure of schools has also increased the likelihood of various forms of violence. The economic impact of COVID-19 led to a reduction in many much-needed services, including shelters specifically for women.

As we approach a post-pandemic world can be change this narrative and reverse the catastrophic setback to women’s liberation?

Read the full story for some shocking statistics

2. Women living in remote locations across Australia must travel for birth. Experts say it shouldn't be the case

As reported by ABC News

We are familiar with the vastness of Australia and for those living in remote locations the services they receive contrast immensely with those living in metro areas.

One result of the disparity between rural and urban Australia is the lengths pregnant women have to go to, to give birth in a safe space. Women being forced to pack their bags and head to hospital to wait for the birth of their babies, far away from family, culture, community, and connection. This can lead to a traumatic experience that shouldn't be the case.

Charles Darwin University professor of midwifery Sue Kildea said Australia had "medicalised birth".

"We thought we were making things safer for women by moving them into big city hospitals and closing down all our smaller hospitals, [but] we haven't done that at all," she said.

"We need to wake up and move birth back [to regional and remote areas]."

Read the full story

3. Multi-billion dollar women’s health company launches, with Nirelle Tolstoshev at the helm in Australia

As reported by Women's Agenda

Last week, the first major global pharmaceutical company dedicated to women’s health was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with Nirelle Tolstoshev leading the way for Australia.

Organon is a newly formed Fortune 500 company, spun off from Merck & Co, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical businesses, and launches with a strong portfolio of women’s health products that have collectively delivered US$6.53 billion in sales over the past year. It claims to be the only company of its size focused on women’s health.

Read the full story

Tune in again next week for more headlines!

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