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Louise Nealon


January 19, 2021

As a PR consultant my priority is to deliver purposeful communications strategies for my clients that make a real impact for their business. Being a one-woman band this often leaves minimal time to promote my own brand, and get my message in front of prospective customers, with my goal to connect with purpose-led organisations and champion the changemakers.

However, making time for your own public relations strategy allows you to share the success stories of your clients whilst thrusting your brand into the spotlight. Here’s how I manage my own PR.

My Brand Story

My path has led me to Public Relations and a space where I can help other people to find their voice, to speak up and to set off on the path they really want; gathering resources and supporters along the way. By choosing me you’re investing in a partnership that aims to support purpose-led organisations, and companies with principled campaigns, to be visible and heard – in order to create positive change in the world.

The world of PR has been good to me. Through-out my 22-year career, I have received 20 local and international awards for excellence in Public Relations and services to the community, and I’m proud to say that I’m a key reference point for many international academics on best practice PR in Australia.

My story and my experience is what I bring to the table and highlighting this is at the core of my own PR strategy.

PR With Purpose

How I deliver my services is driven by my passion to get your message out there with impact, integrity and purpose, to create real results, that work.

From brand advocacy to strategy and management every service I deliver is tailored to suit your cause, your ideal outcomes and your audience.

This is my golden thread that joins my own brand messaging with providing you with a world-class service.

Client Spotlights

Without you I can’t demonstrate tangible results. My case studies are the proof points that elevates my own communications. It shows my work in action and the deep relationships I have with media outlets across Australia and further afield. From ABC to The Guardian, The Australian and Women’s Agenda - highlighting my partnerships with a high-calibre of recognised publications prove my worth and why you should choose me as your publicist.

My Clients Are Also My Advocates

When pulling together your own communications strategy by having a clear brand story, purpose to your message and tangible results you can then leverage on your strong relationships with your clients. Do not be afraid to ask them to be your advocates.

You can build your own profile but to reach new audiences and harness new relationships your clients could be helping you too!

Leading with integrity I practice what I preach. I’m here to offer your business honest and effective advice so that together we can see your organisation succeed.

Get in touch with me today to find out how I can put your brand in the spotlight.

Louise Nealon

About Louise Nealon

Award-winning Communications Director, Louise Nealon, helps purpose-led organisations and minority groups that support humanity, to be visible and heard – in order to create positive change in the world.

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